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New Zealand is abundant in bird life of all sorts. In this website you can browse through for information on a few birds, or access links for more information. Below are three of the many birds in New Zealand.

kiwi picture


The kiwi is New Zealand's national bird. Here are three facts about the kiwi:

  1. A kiwi egg can weigh up to a quarter of the mother's weight.
  2. The kiwi is the only bird with nostrils at the end of its beak.
  3. Kiwi eat small invertebrates, seeds, grubs, and many varieties of worms.
kakapo picture


One of the New Zealand parrots. Here are three facts about it:

  1. The kakapo has only 142 known adults (at the time when this was written) and they are all named. List of Kakapo
  2. The kakapo is the only flightless parrot.
  3. It eats native plants, seeds, fruits, pollen and even the sapwood of trees.
seagull picture

Red-billed Seagull

One of the most common seabirds in NZ. Here are three facts:

  1. The red-billed gull normally feeds on small fish, shell fish and worms.
  2. It is an aggressive scavenger.
  3. The red-billed seagull usually lives up to 12 years, but some birds have lived for up to 30 years.